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Toastie Lovin'

Back in 2018, there was a typical sarcastic born 'n' bred Manc lad, who was sat in his gaff* (home) starving to death* (really hungry), and discovered that his fridge had nowt* (nothing) decent to eat in there, so he began to think what culinary masterpiece he could create with what few items were left in the cupboard and fridge. After googling various recipes the Manc Lad stated... "I could just murder* (devour) a cheese 'n' bean toastie right now", and this is when the lightbulb moment happened as he realised that everyone loves a red hot toastie, that's so hot it nearly melts your face off!
This is where the adventure to bring back the childhood memories for you all began! This was when we decided to open the UK's first dedicated lip scalding, mouth stripping, retro toastie shop...

Frankie's Toasties!

Since 2018 we've evolved into offering other comfort foods from jacket spuds and loaded fries, to some seriously indulgent renowned shakes! In 2022 Frankie's Toasties had undergone a full new renovation and re brand creating "Frankie's"!

There's not much more to say about our "Our Story" page other than that we're just a "Straight Up" comfort food shop!
If you're still not bored yet and are reading this, we've just wrote this to fill the page up with text so it looks like we have more to say about "Our Story". 

Anyway... check out our scran* (food) and get stuck in!


The Bull Terrier breed has been in our Manc family for over 100 years! Starting with our Great Grandad in the 1920's being a Bull Terrier breeder on Rudman Street in Ordsall just metres away from the iconic Salford Lads Club!

So who's Frankie?... Well he's just a proper top family pet, so top we named this place after him!

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